Today we are living in a dynamic world where it has become difficult to predict the way world is shaping up. Every new adversity is creating new opportunity. With Covid 19 outbreak, people have been thrown off balance and has forced in adapting to new normal. In midst of all, Mobile has evolved as a strong platform of engagement. Nowadaysmobile has taken majority of space in an individual’s life. This is evident in the increase in time spent on device in last couple of years (and much more in last couple of months),today one is fully engrossed in the mobile using multiple apps for work, entertainment and engagement. Fromengaging school transporton Whatsapp to ordering grocery to business calls to financial transactions to travel arrangement, list is endless. The world is getting converged into the device and today it has become the most important string connecting various points of our social and business circle.

Hence, the activity on mobile device has become an exact replica of individual’s persona and helps in understanding the behavioral pattern in much better way. This has given opportunity to tech companies in creating an era of big data analytics in big way.

You may be thinking why this article is emphasizing on something which is well known and experienced by everyone. As a marketer, it is imperative to have access to something as important as this for reaching their audience in right way backed by analytics. Though there are multiple platforms available including Facebook, Google and Programmatic platforms, still we are having some distance to cover. We are maturing fast but we are yet to use the power of Operator Intelligence completely where customer profiling is done through Operators (Airtel, Vodafone & BSNL) in identifying the subscribers’ basis their demographic and psychographic behavior. It offers amazing upside across devices (smart phone & feature phone) and empowers advertisers to create connect at right cost point. Datakrop Solutions is one the leading companies offering solution on Operator Intelligence platform. The advertisers can work on identifying their TG with the help of 50+ parameters on D-2 (2 days old) data. The campaigns are customizable and offer multiple tracking indices for advertisers to drive their objective.

It time to relook at the way we are targeting our customer and add new angle to the digital campaign for efficacy and effectiveness. Today over 100 clients are using this platform and leveraging it for creating reach and business.

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