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Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated
Simply looking inside your network is no longer enough to protect your infrastructure


Cyberattacks that go undetected


Average time to detect a data breach


Average time to contain a data breach​

Why is Cyber Security Important?

Today’s digital business landscape is a tough one to navigate, especially for those who aren’t quite technologically sophisticated. The progressive nature of the internet has created various opportunities for cybercriminals, who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in networks, servers and IT systems in general. Cybercrime is without question one of the most worrying threats for modern businesses, which is why companies should do everything in their power to safeguard against it. Cyber security initiatives have recently accelerated in response, as a means for businesses to stay one step ahead of potential threats. But before you ramp up your security protocols and digital frontiers, you should first appreciate why cyber security is so important. Read more

Threat Intelligence

Actionable Threat Intelligence
from the World’s Top Cybercrime Experts

Mobile Media Solution for Start Ups to Enterprises.

Create your own filters

You know your customers better, hence, we offer you complete flexibility in pre defining your target audience.

Build your own campaign

Limited budget should not stop you from building your business. We are happy to help you building your own campaign befitting your requirement.

Unparalleled Reach

Plan your National, Regional, Local & Hyper Local campaign with ease. We offer 70 Cr of reachable population across the country. If you want to reach people not accessible by any main line media, think Datakrop.

Brand vs ROI

Choose between Brand or ROI or both. What ever your objective, it can be achieved through the platform.

New age Media

Be it TV Sync or Mobile gaming or Social Media integration or Web/App traffic Management or Lead Generation Model or High Reach Campaign or Video Push initiative or Customer Engagement Program or Performance Driven Model…..The list can be on going, but solution is always next door. Think Datakrop.

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